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There are numerous reasons to deploy the Sharpsblasterâ„¢. Some of them are… Lack of control, health risks, safety concerns, rising cost of sharps disposal, lack of storage space for contaminated waste, Cradle to Grave liabilty of waste producer, risk of fines and prosecution if found to be in default of regulations, lack of effective audit trail for waste disposal, environmental pollution.


The Sharpsblasterâ„¢ desktop system puts the waste producer in control, on site. It has been designed to ensure safety, ease of operation, and full regulative compliance. Its many innovative features include…

  • The smart Sharpsblasterâ„¢ is a clever technology that self monitors throughout the decontamination process
  • Many safety features keep the operator in safe control of their processing waste
  • Noise and odour free
  • Easy to operate requiring little staff training
  • The LCD screen displays exactly where the unit is running during the process
  • Once the process has commenced, the unit locks and denies the operator access to the waste
  • Units unlocks only when the processed sharps box is cool enough to handle
  • Dedicated print out labels used in conjunction with the facility log book provide waste tracking audit
  • Automatic filter change reminder
  • Filter designed so that it may be processed in the sharps box
  • Easy paper roll replacement
  • Comprehensive Operations Manual
  • Dual voltage compatibility

Benefits to Customers/End-Users

  • Puts producers in control of their sharps waste
  • Onsite decontamination at the touch of a button
  • Creates a safer work environment by reducing handling of hazardous waste
  • Waste audit tracking sytem provides a cradle to grave solution for the waste producers liabilities
  • Reduces administrative and waste disposal costs
  • Frees up space used for waste storage
  • Reduces the risk of needlestick injury
  • Eliminates the need for haulage costs
  • Treated waste is unrecognisable
  • Prevents the re use of contaminated sharps
  • Removes the need for incineration and its environmental pollutants
  • Full after sales service
  • Requires little maintenance